DeVry Investigations

Why Us?

1.  Are you a Claims Representative or an Adjuster of  who is "trapped" with your your "accredited" PI vendor who seem to be returning unsolved and "no activity" subrosa reports? Sounds familiar? "Nationwide or big PI firms are usually swamped  with loads  loads of subrosa assignments that they have now more time and the capability to work them properly.  You think you are not getting the worth of what you are paying them? You are not being pessimistic, you guts is right, you are being short changed.  As "big time" firms they are charging so much subrosa rates but delivering substandard work product.  With us you are assured that you will get your "money's worth".  We charge a standard subrosa per hour rate of $45.00 per hour or equivalent 8-hour on-site flat rate with experienced and well trained subrosa investigators assuring high quality work product equal if not superior to that of the "top" high charging PI firms.

2. As we only accept cases/assignments that we can handle, we closely monitor our cases in the field to make sure that our field investigators our doing the right thing and not wasting the client's money, i.e. sitting on an "empty house" working a case for a full day without exerting any effort to assure the Claimant's presence within the 4-hr mark.

3.  We are truly experts on subrosa investigation having worked on countless of subrosa assignments on Worker's Compensation assignments for may years. Our firm is young but our core investigators including Rene D has extensive experience in subrosa investigations having had the opportunity working for reputed insurance PI firms in California. Subrosa investigations is "what we do" and we pride ourselves in declaring to the whole world that we specialize in this kind of work. We are not private investigators who work claim to be experts on every aspects of private investigation.  Of course this does not mean that we cannot be efficient on other fields, what we are saying is that we excel in insurance defense investigations.

4.  Rene D, our Chief Subrosa Investigator is a lawyer (though not licensed to practice in California)  and is knowledgeable on the related laws in Insurance Defense investigations.